We often forget it, but our feet are one of the most important bodyparts we have. Actually they support the whole body, our weight and even our bones. And it’s maybe not obvious, but a lot of the pains we can have are coming from bad care of our feet. So, it is really important to choose shoes with care. First the sole must absorb the bumps, but also the top must be done in a material that will hold our feet in a correct position.

<img src="comfy-boots_blog.png" alt="Trinity wearing comfy boots for Chapter 4" height="1166" width="2048">

Comfy boots @ Chapter 4 :

Petit Chat is releasing an adorable pair of ankle boots at the Chapter Four event.

Those cute boots are all leather, except the ankle part that is wool. There are 8 colors to choose from for the main part. Then each of them comes with a hud giving you a lot of possibilities to customize all other parts (sole, top deco, wool, metal).

Each pack includes a unrigged pair (copy and modifiable) and a rigged pair. The rigged one is done for Maitreya feet (so you don’t even have to make yours transparent) but you can wear them with any other mesh body, just hiding your mesh feet.

With those booties you ll be able to go and walk all along the day on all kind of roads !

Chapter Four is open till the 20th of february ! Your TAXI. You will find them at the 2X1 room : Get 2 colors for the price of one.

More details on our event page.

<img src="Comfy-boots-@-chapter-4.png" alt="comfy boots adpic" height="1024" width="1024">Picture details :

On the top photograph, I am wearing :
Ankle boots : *PC* Comfy boots rigged L
Mesh head : Genesis_Head_Lena_3.0 Bento
Mesh body : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5                                                          Eyes : #16 Sintiklia&Chain – Contemporary – Kylie Eye (Available at Chapter Four/gatcha room)
Hair : Sintiklia – Hair Alina – Black&white
Hat : *Tentacio* Cold Day hat grey (Current Epiphany)
Sweater :*Tentacio* Cold Day. RARE 1 (Current Epiphany)

Pose : [ !ZOOM ] Posing Artistry {FASHION SET 1-4}

I built the decor with :

Building : [ shutterfield ] courtyard cafe

Barrels : Three Kegs & a Spade from WOOD WORKS HOME & GARDEN

Music notes lamp : The Loft – Noteworthy Wall Candles v.1

Chalkboard : uK – Spring Cleaning ChalkBoard Repeat (unKindness)


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