If i must take the road, Clouseau, my black cat, is my passenger.
Wherever i go, he goes.
If I stop for oil and buy snacks for me, i share with him.
He’s a good passenger. He lays on the seat next to mine and sleep. Sometimes he wakes up and look by the window on his side.
Well, the only thing is that he refuse to read maps… I have already told him several times that it would be useful for us, but well…. he’s stuborn… he wont read maps and i still must deal with that.

That’s said we have a new 65 L$ today deal for you at Petit Chat mainstore.
One that has to not be missed !

We did release in the mainstore the Indian Summer outfit today. Read here the release post we made about it.

For the pic I made today im wearing the Sky top that i assorted with the Sand skirt.
The good thing with this outfit is that its a mix and match one.
There are 10 colors to choose from for the skirt and same for the top.
And you can try all that with the demo hud so you can make your mix before purchasing.

Check the deal page for knowing more about our deal.



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