This month there are some new items in Petit Chat’s Mainstore ! First the precious Look Around : This a gorgeous set with outfit and boots. All in pink and white lace, so girly… The texture is pink velvet, with some pieces of stipes on the sleeves. The top is closed on the front. Boots are pink […]

Hi everyone ! Today i have some willings for hanging out and visit a new place…. Sooooo…. I’ve found in the featured places the Mystical Ruins….. hmmmm…. How is this place ? Is it great ? The best way to have an answer is to go there right away… So let’s go !First… here is […]

It’s sunny day today… so what about a lil hang out on the river shore in Moumou’s Square ? Yes….definitely yes, its what i will do this afternoon. So i will wear the Sirene outfit for this occasion. After leaving my stuffs and basket on the shore, i jumped in a lovely yellow inner-tube that […]

Hi dear followers ! Today i will introduce you the Berry outfit. A pretty skirt with corset outfit you can wear with different styles. The base of the outfit is composed with a laced panties and corset in black. It can be worn as underwears since they are in undershirt and underpants layers aswell. You […]