Last night i made a dream…. I was working as a dancer in a kind of circus. We were travelling from a town to another everyday… No home anywhere, our home was everywhere we deploy the Circus tents… The place was empty… It was like i was alone here… training for my evening show.   I […]

Last sunday, i was looking for a nice place where i could make pics to introduce my Disenchanted Outfit. Finally, ive choosed to make the report in Shady Falls, a great 1920’s urban themed sim. Ok, the Disenchanted outfit is not exactly the same theme. I know… But i love contrasts… So after ive asked someone […]

No, i wont talk to you about the insane idea Apocalypse will happen in december 2012. I dont trust this kind of stupidities…. And shame for me if im wrong. Anyway, if this really happen, we wont have time for having any regrets… The most funny in this rumor is that the only place that […]