After the Circe bikinis, we must have also a cute pareo set to wear while hanging out in beach areas. After all, it’s summertime. We don’t need to wear a lot, but still we need some lil pieces of clothing to enhance our natural beauty.
And what is best than a lovely pareo set with colors raising our tanned skin ?
So here come the Beach Pearl sets, 5 different texture version, that, i hope, you will like.
Beach Pearl poppies

The beach Pearl set includes a lovely hanging mesh top (in 5 sizes), a short mesh pareo-skirt for the bottom (5 sizes) and a tiny bikini bottom on a layer. Also you will find 3 alpha layers (1 for the top, 1 for the bottom and 1 for both top and bottom) but in most of the cases wearing an alpha is not necessary. 
Since bottom and top comes separately, you can choose separately which size you need and if needed you still can wear an alpha where its useful.

Beach Pearl orange
The result is really gracious and feminine. The art to suggest without too much displaying.
You can wear it at beach, at the swimming pool, at the river, but you can also wear it while doing shopping in beachtowns.
Beach Pearl pink
The 5 different versions are :
— Poppies
— Orange
— Pink
— Green
— Strippes

All fabrics are prints and every part is edged by a thin color line.
Beach Pearl green

There is 5 different versions, so you can choose the one that will match the better with your skin color and your hair color.

Permission is copy only.
I decided to make the price as lower as the bikinis one : 80 L$.
Beach Pearl strippes
Those lil Beach sets are available at my mainstore and i’ll probably set them into a gatcha for 50 L$ (transfert version) soon. 

Of course, i’m pretty sure you are really curious about to know how it looks from the back, right ?

Beach Pearl poppies from the back

Lovely, isn’t it ?

Of course you can decide to unwear the bottom and dive into the water with the bikini bottom layer and the top or just the bikini bottom if you don’t mind swimming topless.

Taxi for Petit Chat mainstore : Here

Snasphots have been taken at Las Lagunas, a gorgeous Cuba beach.



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