As the snowmen band was not behaving while i was trying to sleep in bed… As they were singing loud, jumping on bed and laughing like old pirates … yes snowmen can do that sometimes….
I desperately needed to sleep…..
I caught them and caged them in crystal balls and worn them as earrings….
We still dont know what Santa will think of that…
But I believes that if we are numerous to wear the snowmen in earrings, Santa will have a big crazy laugh..
So here are the earrings, please make sure to wear them and let’s see if Santa will giggle so he brings more gifts at Petit Chat for tomorrow !
And for now, I’m peeping at my neighbor’s window… Yeah… PinkRayne’s window…I want to see what where shes hiding the Christmas gifts she got for her friends… :p

The snowmen earrings comes in the same 3 colors than the big ones yesterday (yeah, i said it : i caged them ALL ! :p)
It’s all original mesh and texture and this is copy and modify.
You can get it as group gift at Petit Chat mainstore under the tree HERE.

Also for men, there is a gift too and no group is required for that one : 
I can’t wait to know what Santa will say when he will notice his snowmen have been caged !!! 


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