Yes… Take a deep breath. And show the world how great you are ! Dare being yourself ! Dare losing yourself and give the best you have inside. Sometimes, i feel like that … Like I will climb mountains this day, like im going to succeed in everything i m going to try. And usually that works ! Im so full of positivity those days, that well, nothing can fail. Everything i do spread positive waves around… I think this is probably one of the reciepes for success and hapyness. It’s not that easy to do it daily, because, well, we get tired, worried, and maybe not that positive because of our schedules, but… it must keep in our mind that its one goal we must have for ourselves.

<img src="lose-urself-blog.png" alt="Lose yourself outfit picture" height="1341" width="2048">

Lose yourself outfit :

Our new weekly flash groupgift is the kind of outfit that will give you self confidence while wearing. This lovely dress is super chic and can be worn in any occasion.

The texture has been made from one of the artworks i created for my exhibition “Fragments” a few year ago. That you may see below.

<img src="[" alt="The only person standing in your way is you. It's time to let her go. Lose yourself. in flickr" height="1257" width="2048">
The only person standing in your way is you. It’s time to let her go. Lose yourself. In flickr
The dress comes in 5 standard sizes and fitted and you get also the purse and the watch.

More details on the our dedicated page. 

<img src="FGG-feb-5.png" alt="Lose yourself flash group gift adpic" height="736" width="1024">

Picture details :

On the top pic im wearing :

Dress, purse and watch : *PC* Lose yourself outfit
Mesh head & ears : Genesis_Head_Lena_3.0 Bento
Eyes : 09 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Eyes_AZURE
Mesh body : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Booties : *PC* Comfy boots fatpack (available at Chapter 4)
Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Bianca Mesh Hair – Style 2 – B&W (gatcha item)
Skin : 03 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Skin_KAMILLA_MILK RARE
Make up : Genesis Lab

Pose : LA BOS

Buildings :
First plan : [ Schultz Bros. ] Cozy Winter Cabin
Background : [ P ] Pillows, Tiny Little Home Collection (PINK) v1

Seat : LAQ Decor ~ (Beige) Armchair
Path :  Botanical – Dirt Road Straight
Grass : *aG* Shiny Meadow autumn & *alirium* DownyGrass [ YellowGreen ]
Shelter : :CP: Spring Shaded Garden Snug (PG)
Goat : Jian :: Chester the Goat (Animated)
Trees : Jian Hillside Orchard :: Apple Tree (High LOD), *alirium* DwarfForest           [ OldGold ] & +Half-Deer+ Starglitter Tree (Pistachio Green)
Fences : RD – In The Garden: Fence (Gacha)



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