Snowy Bumpy Ground Building Pack : exclusive release for Shop & Hop Winter Event.

While I was turning my sim Moumou’s Square to winter season, I could not find in the numerous packs of snow pieces I have in my inventory, something that was matching my willing.

Yes, I own several of the best snow building packs of the market. But none of them was just a simply ground with bumps here and there but not too much. Something that looks simple and not perfect, just like Nature is.

So, I made my own. (Like we say in French, no one serves you better than yourself!).

So this is a ground, flat but also randomly bumpy, not too much high and covered in beautiful snow.

The edges of this ground are super flat, so you can just overlap the sim ground or lower it a bit underground.

While keeping the land impact to a reasonable value, the quality of the mesh has been preserved for a good look from far.

The ground piece comes in 8X8, 16X16 and 32X32 m size. But it’s also modify, so you may size it according to your wishes (keep in mind, Li will vary with the size).

In addition, you will find 3 different mounds of snow, to add more bump here and there.

Snowy Bumpy Ground Building Pack :

100 % Original Mesh

Copy/Modify/Materials Enabled

This building pack is our exclusive release for the Shop & Hop Winter event, and it is 50 % OFF for all the time of the round.

In addition, all our other items there have the same 50% OFF discount !

Taxi to the event :


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