Mindset is a gorgeous red skirt outfit. Its gothic style and has 2 versions included in the pack : the mini-skirt version and the long dress version.
It includes a short pants, panties, a corset, a mini-skirt, a long dress and a lovely laced shawl.
Texture is red fabric and black lace.
The corset is all in red with black laced contours. There is a lil bow between the boobs.
On the bottom, there is a lovely panties assorted and u may wear the short pants with the long dress, that way you won’t see your hips coming outside the dress.
The mini-skirt is really sexy. One thrill of red and a lil black laced thrill on the top.
The dress is long, for the evenings. All in red fabric.
The little black laced shawl completes the outfit. Worn with the mni-skirt version or the dress version, it add a lil plus to your avatar.
Tops and panties comes on several layers (underwear and shirt, panties and pants). They are only copy. The short pants are only on pants layer. That way, you may wear the panties under the pants.
The sculpt parts (skirt, dress and shawl) are copy and modify, and if you are not at ease with SL tools you may use the resize scripts by just clicking on the clothing and use the resize menu. If you don’t like resize scripts you may remove them from the menu. (im using new resizing scripts that are low lag, so I hope it will be better for you)
The price is 180 L$
Here is the link to the Marketplace :

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