“Table Fleurie” is the french saying for “table with flowers”. And this is the name of our new set !

Our new set : Table/Vase/Flowers

This lovely set comes with texture menus, giving 6 options on each item.

So, plenty of opportunities for a customization that will match with your own indoor decor.

Table Fleurie :

Our new set includes :

  • A pedestal table with a texture menu (6 wood options) : 3 Li
  • A vase with a texture menu (6 options) : 1 Li
  • Flower with texture menu (6 options) : 1,5 Li

In addition, the pack includes :

  • A cluster of 4 flowers together (with a lighter texture script for less script impact on your land). : 6 Li
  • A linkset of the whole set : 9 Li

As the flower is 1,5 Li, it will count 2 if you use them as single, but if you link them, you can reduce the Land impact count, as 2 flowers will be 3 Li and not 4, and so on.

See the vendor for the color options.

This cute set may find a spot everywhere !!!

In your hallway, your living room, your bedroom, a corridor, etc.


In addition, for its first day of release, they will be available for 50 L$ only, as part of the Secret Sale Sundays !

Do not miss this opportunity.

Taxi to Petit Chat mainstore : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rayne%20and%20PetitChat/70/94/27

Link to the page related to Secret Sale Sundays, in order to see our other deals : Secret Sale Sundays Event


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