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As I was about to release 4 new versions of the Chemistry Gown, I’ve been invited to join a new event : the True Fashion Times. I went to visit the place and I’ve been seduced by the lovely urban decor. So I decided to give it a go and kept the second bunch of Chemistry Gowns for this one. Additionally, i created later a set of assorted jewellery for the 7 versions coming with earrings, bangles and necklace. Those ones comes in Gatcha versions.

Petit Chat booth at the True Fashion Times event
I’m not going to tell in details about the Chemistry gowns as I have already said a lot in my previous post. 
The textures are still inspired from natural materials, as after i started to work with the first ones those ones came naturally.
The new versions are Petal, Lagoon, Grass, and Ice.
Chemistry Gown Petal
They come aswell in 5 sizes and each pack includes the gloves with the bows, the gown and the headpiece.
Chemistry gown Lagoon
They are an ode to the Nature so I chose as background for this post the beautiful sim of Black Kite.
Chemistry gown Ice
You will probably notice a similarity between the Water and the Ice version. Those 2 ones are actually pretty close in the way they look, but still they are different. I’ve chosen to keep both version because I couldn’t decide which of them I will keep if I had to keep only one.
The water version drawing is more like waves, while the Ice one draws more ice crystals.
Chemistry gown Grass
In addition to these beautiful gowns, I decided to create an assorted set of jewellery ( I am wearing on the pics above) coming as earrings, bangles (both arms) and necklace.
This one is available in gatcha version at the event.
Chemistry jewellery gatcha
Each play is only 35 l$ and the good news is that you can mix and match it will still look super cute.
Taxi for the True Fashion Times : here 
All pics from this blog have only been cropped, not post process have been applied to them.
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