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As i told you in my previous post, i got the happy surprise to have the visit of Karmagirl Avro lately in my gallery and she Im’ed me to invite me to the 9th annual Raglan Shire Artwalk.
Of course, i’ve been really honored and accepted the invitation right away.
The Raglan Shire Artwalk gather more than 100 artists together every year for an exceptional and huge art exhibition. Artists from all around the world display there RL and SL artpieces (2D and 3D). Beguiner artists and more experienced ones are here together, linked by their passion for art.

As i said the place is huge and i wont be able to show you a lot, but i hope this post will give you willings to go and visit.
The place is split in 5 areas : Raglan shire art area 1 , Raglan Shire art area 2 , Art and sculpture on Morning Shire , Sculpture in the forest on Heron Shire , Sculpture on Athen Shire and you can add also their permanent Tree gallery platform .

You will find there TP boards that will make easy for you to go from a spot to another.

Every 2D artist has been granted 15 prims they can use as they wish. 3D artists of course got more prims to display.
You will be amazed by the diversity of the pieces. Some from RL art (drawings, paints, photographs), other from SL arts (raw pictures, digital art, animated textures), sculptures, particles… Well, that’s it, a huge diversity and this is the real richness of this event.

If you want to visit all, you ‘ll need several hours of hanging out. Some names are famous, some unknown. A good opportunity for you to discovery new artists, or to enjoy some you know already.
Among them, my friend Fingol exhibit some of his stunning pics there :

At this point, i must say that Raglan Shire is a really lovely place. It gather several sims together and if you like green environments you will enjoy the visit.
Before everything else, Raglan Shire is a community.  A community of tiny and adorable people, living there, among parks, tree houses and lovely cottages. You will meet them at every street corners and they are really friendly and cute.
So of course those parks and forests make an ideal surround for sculptures.

Some pieces are really incredible.. the one above is animated and it’s the kind of thing i can sit in front and be fascinated for hours.

My exhibition is located in the Morning Shire corner among some other 2D arts and sculptures.

I selected 14 canvas from my ArtGallery for displaying here and added an inedite one “Love at the first sight”.
I feel blessed because i’m really well surrounded.
At the right side, my friend Lo Coeur has some of her stunning pics :

At the left side, the famous Ginger Lorakeet, exhibit 3 of her interactive artworks :

And all over, sculptures… like this one :

While you are there, don’t forget to visit the permanent little artgallery located in a tree :

Currently, it’s hosting 2 great artists : Schen resident and Karmagirl Avro.
Karmagirl Avro has some lil unusual RL pictures really lovely.
Schen has some amazing pieces there too.

The Raglan Shire Artwalk 2014 will officially open tomorrow sunday May 4th and will run till May 25th.
Hope you will enjoy your visit !

For now, i blow a kiss to you from my lil corner there 🙂

 (all pics from this post are raw shots)


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