Coucou !
I have 2 new releases to show you đŸ™‚ .
One is a colored dress (in 3 colors available), the other one is an adorable umbrella (in 3 colors available aswell). Yep, winter is almost here and we all need an umbrella to protect ourselves from the rain !
The dress is called “Crayon”, because the texture I created for it looks like if I used crayons to draw it. It will be released at the Unique Mini Fair Xmas edition, starting on december, the 8th (so just tomorrow). The whole place is lovely decorated in a snowy style and yes, you will need warm clothes for your visit.
Crayon dress in blue, Happy rain umbrella in red
The dress is available in 3 colors : blue, green, pink. It comes in 5 standard sizes and it’s copy. 
You will need high boots, or legwarmers to keep your legs warm, as this dress is short, but so lovely.

Crayon dress in green, Happy rain umbrella in pink

The dress is 95 l$ only !
Crayon dress in pin, Happy rain umbrella in blue

Those adorable umbrellas come with a pose that will override your AO for a more natural look.
They are copy and resizable. So you can make a backup copy and resize the other one, then delete the script inside (althought this one is really low lag, but well, better to delete all the scripts we don’t need)
The umbrella are available in blue, pink and red.
They all have lovely fishes hanging on chains all around.
Price is only 65 l$ !
And they are available from today at the Fashion Collective new round.
The Fashion Collective (dec,6th, dec,20th)
Hope to see ya there !
As background for this post I chose to go to Nostos Deer, just beautiful !
xoxo !
As usually all pics of this post have been only cropped. no post process has been done on them. Snapshots have been done inworld using ultra graphic performance and several windlight settings and sun position.
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