We do not want our store looking like a giant supermarket. Too much items can ruin the shopping experience in our opinion. Therefore, we always keep with a limited ammount of items (and we do the same thing on our Marketplace ).

So periodically, we move a bunch of items to the “Outlet section”upstairs in our store.

While there, items are priced between 0 and 50 l$.

And this is the last chance you have to get those items, because after a few weeks, they are removed forever. We want room for new designs !

So we just updated the room and here are the deals you can get for now :

Free :


And :


And also :

10 l$ :

 15 l$ :

50 l$ :

This from the ArtFashion collection. Those are really special designs as the texture is done from some of my artworks.

If you prefer do your shopping from the Marketplace you can get the same deals by clicking HERE 

We will update this room again within a few weeks. So this is the last opportunity you have to get those items above, as we will retire them at the next update.

Your TAXI for the Outlet section  is HERE

(Last update : Jan 29th 2018)