flash groupgift

Sunday 18th-Monday 19th of June 2017

<img src=" FGG-june-18-19.png" alt="Cleo dress vendor for flash groupgift" height="736" width="1024">

Cleo dress in green : our new weekly flash groupgift


Because green is the color of hopes…. Because green is the color of Dame Nature…. Because we want you look perfect in that pre-summer season…

This lovely dress comes in 5 standard sizes and it is material enabled.

Demo is located at the regular vendor here.  In addition, you will also find there other color versions on sale.

And the regular price is 150 L$ but you get it for free if you click the sign at the Mainstore while wearing Petit Chat group tag.

It is  copy only


Just wear your group tag and click the gift box.

Enjoy !



Your TAXI is waiting for you and will lead you to the box directly.

(group fee : 50 l$ to join, then you get weekly and monthly gifts and more )

Do not forget : Flash groupgift will disappear on tuesday morning !