There is an exclusive Christmas present for all Petit Chat lovers : the Chocolats fins Set.

Chocolats fins :

It’s a tradition….Christmas and chocolate are going together ! So here are some for all Petit Chat groupmembers.

The set includes both boxes (opened and closed).

Each one are 1 Li only.

It’s all original mesh, copy, modify & materials enabled.

The gift is in a big cardboard right next to the usual monthly groupgift board and right in front the Xmas Tree.

A Groupjoiner is located nearby if needed.

The Group fee is 50 L$ to join, and do not forget to get the 3 December groupgift along with the chocolate boxes.


The gift box will remain available till Jan 7th. After this date, you will be able to find it for sale.

Happy holidays to everyone ! I hope you’ll get amazing and sweet Christmas time !


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