Last sunday, i was looking for a nice place where i could make pics to introduce my Disenchanted Outfit.
Finally, ive choosed to make the report in Shady Falls, a great 1920’s urban themed sim.
Ok, the Disenchanted outfit is not exactly the same theme. I know… But i love contrasts…
So after ive asked someone from the staff there if it was problem, and after have been answered that there is no problem, i decided to click on the tp board at the land arrea and to jump into this city.
I arrived at the bus station. I was wearing the long skirt version of the Disenchanted outfit : the short corset, panties, opened skirt and tattoos.
I choose randomly a street that was crossing the main avenue and, what i noticed first, was the magnificent builds with their great fronts, mainly made with red bricks. I love this style.
What caught my attention soon were the old vehicles parked here and there in every streets.
I could jump in the back of this one above in order to show you some details of the short corset. It’s sleeveless, laced up in the front.

You can see it also in the pic above. For this one i choosed a gorgeous pub as setting. I’ve been amazed to see how the staff has choosed carefully any details. I couldnt resist to display the ceilling in the pics. Every funriture, every decor, every texture look gorgeous. All is perfectly choosed to make you feel you are back in 1920’s. 

Well, it was probably a lil too early for i meet someone there. So i took the opportunity to visit the other parts of the building. It was an Hotel. Rooms were upstairs, all perfectly decorated. I liked the atmosphere there.
I layed on a sofa some minutes, at the welcome arrea, downstairs, hoping that maybe i will see someone coming back from work and return his/her room. But yeah, too early for that. They are surely still at work.

So better to go on the visit. I met people all along the streets. Mostly of them were wearing 1920’s clothings. They were here and there, alone or in little groups. Adding even more realism to the atmosphere here.
I went down a residential district. House were really cute, but i didnt dare to look inside. I have education, i dont use to intrude in someone else’s intimacy. I enjoyed the hang out in this streets. And finally i came to a big warehouse facing the sea.
In the back, i even found a secret passage to an underground way, probably the sewels.
I decided to shoot here some pics of my outfits while i was standing up, to display also the gorgeous skirt and the panties that are (like the corset) laced up in the front.
The skirt is opened in the front and belted with sculpt butterflies.
Then i went back to the up part of the town. This is were i had to cross a beautiful bridge. 
On every side there were gardians statues with gargoyles in the pillar just behind.  
I tried to ask for my way to the guardian but… he never answered… Stone never answer… i know… 
So this is were i decided to switch to the capri version of the Disenchanted outift. After all…. these guardians were only stone… i had no shame to change my bottom clothes in front of them….:-)

The view from the bridge was absolutely awesome. From here i could see a lot of the buildings fronts and there was even a park just beside.

At the other side of the bridge there was another big avenue. Just in front me, i saw the sheriff’s car. A quick look around me…. noone here…. A crazy idea came to mind…. What about shooting a pic just beside the car ? Oh well, the sheriff doesnt seem to be here, so he wont be able to say anything… I cross quickly the street and yep ! Here is the pic !

A few meters farer, i took more time to shoot another pic with more details of the capri pants. You can see here the butterflies belt that im wearing crooked on my hips. 
Here are also some details of the tattoo in the back.
At this point my feet started to be painfull. I was walking since long time, the town is huge. I decided to take a taxi. The driver has been nice enough to take me in a piano bar.

Here again, i’ve been amazed by the decor and the details that have been settled really carefully.
The old songs broadcasted by the radiostream was adding even more to the atmosphere…
I will come back here. For sure. The tranquility here is really relaxing. Of course i have no doubts that in some hot hours there are here some crowds. When they are all back from their work.
I went back to the bus station  and waited for my bus on a bench.
My head was full of great views i saw here, but the thing i really really enjoyed was the atmosphere that was coming out of this town. 
Even if i didnt met a lot of people there, i could feel the spirit of the residents of here.
I strongly advice you to visit this sim if you like beautiful place, with great details. Nothing here has been left  at random. All has been carefully designed and settled. And the result is a perfect 1920’s ambiance.
You can find the Disenchanted outfit in Petit Chat’s mainstore and on market place


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