Yesterday, while i was playing the Praying Mary Hunt, from Madpea, with my friend Fadi, we had to find a cross (yeah Mary used crosses to kill the men she met) in a sim i didnt know already : Paradise of memories-Finlandia. At first, it took me time to rezz all fine there, but wow, it really worth to wait some minutes. 
I usually dont like beach and sea place, in RL and SL, and my favorites place are always mountains one, with green nature, tree, grass, lakes, rivers etc… And here, i have to say, ive been really delighted to visit this gorgeous place. All is here : big green trees, grassbeds, farm, barns, lake,cows, horses, … well the perfect place for me !
So this gave me an idea. I was looking for a nice place to make pics to introduce my Mindgames outfit. I’ve found it ! This is the perfect place !
Ive stared my visit in a comfy treehouse enjoying the heat from the stove. I always enjoy to meditate lonely. It was really comfy, i would have been able to stay here for long, but the outside was calling me. So much things to see…. no, i couldnt resist standing up and look all the beautyful things outside.
The lil treehouse was located in a lil island in the middle of the lake. Just on the shore, there was canoes. I rezzed one, catched some paddle and tryed my luck on the water…
Well, ive reached the other side of the lake easily and dry.
Ive been so happy to not have dive in the water (it was surely really cold !), i had to take a drink in the lil pub i found right away.
I ate a smoked salmon sandwitch and i drank a beer. While im sit in this stool,
you can see the details of the outfit  in my back.
Someone came while i was there, but finland fishers are silent persons,
they use to spend a lot of time without talking a lot while they are on their boats.
 Just a quick “Hi !” and a look and we were both enjoying our breakfast.

Then it was time for me to visit the houses here.
I found one were i could make some weaving.
I made a colored carpet, something comfy to put close to a fireplace.

Then i found this lil firecamp. It was sunny outside but so cold… The firecamp was great ! I could stay here and enjoy the view without being to cold.

I found also this big tractor in front of the barn. Well not something extraordinary in a farm, indeed.
But for a city girl like me its always something funny. I would have like to drive it, but i didnt find any function for this. And well, by the way, i dont think it would have been wise to drive such vehice with my bads skills for sl driving lol.

So i prefered rest against a bale of hay.
A good occasion for me to display to you some of the front details of the outfit.
You can notice the sculpt pockets on the pants side, the front of the bustier and a close view of the comfy boots.

Before leaving i went to the shore again and parked my canoe there for a new visit.
I strongly recommand you to visit this sim if you didnt already and if you are, like me, likely to enjoy green and mountains places. 
The Mindgames outfit can be find in my mainstore or in my Market Place.
Price is 200 L$ for the whole outfit, boots included.
Perms are Copy and Mod.


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