Coucou !

Sneak Peek april round is till running till the 5th. You already know 2 of my 3 exclusives for that round if you did read the 2 previous posts and here I am to introduce the third one : “A warm place”.

That one is an ArtFashion Collection item. In order to create the texture I used my artwork called with the same name (A warm place) that you may see in my flikr stream. This one is part of my current exhibition “Fragment” that you can see at Petit Chat Artgallery  .
It has been created from a photo I made at HPMD sim and well, althought it’s not a raw shot, the post processing is really light. This sim is a pure gem for photographers.

While redrawing the pic for the dress, I added a bit of lace on the texture in order to match with the glamour of the outfit.

The dress itself is really sexy and feminine. It’s like a second skin. It will show all your curves. The top of the dress is like a bustier.
It comes in 5 standard sizes and it’s copy.
The hat is my original mesh creation. The first I’m including in one of my packs. It’s a funny hat, and wasn’t meant to be a hat at first but a lilly of the valley flower. After I’ve been done with it I thought it would make a pretty adorable hat, so i modified it a bit for this purpose.
The hat comes wit mod perm as hats are not always easy to adjust over hair. Just be careful to make a back up copy before modifying anything.

The whole outfit is 480 L$ and you can find it for now only at Sneak Peek event ! It will be opened till the 5th of May, then you will have to wait till the 25th before it reopens. So dont wait too much !

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