Coucou !
Everytime I’m asked what is my favorite color, although, it’s not really a color, my answer is always the same : black !
Black has several meanings for me and it’s been really present all along my life.
Moumou was black. Clouseau, the kitty I rescued some monthes ago, and i finally adopted, is also black.
My hair and eyes are black.
My favorite flag is … well, the black flag.
And I wear mostly black clothes.
Black can be seen as a sad color, but for me it’s not. Black is classy, elegant and somewhat, for me, it express my determination.
So when I got the opportunity to join the Black Fashion Fair, of course I jumped in.
The fair opened yesterday and there are 160 of the best SL designers bringing awesome exclusive items in black.
Petit Chat exclusive is this adorable dress, called Cleo.
The top has a strap on the right shoulder and it’s jersey fabric. The bottom is swiss muslin in black too with a slight transparency.
 A little red bow gives the lil fancy touch.
It comes with 2 alpha layers, one hiding the top of your legs, the other one not hiding legs.
It will depend of your shape, but if you can avoid to hide your legs then looked from close, the skirt part will slightly suggest your thighs which is super sexy.
The dress works also pretty well with Maitreya mesh body (as it is the one I own).
The dress is material enabled and its price is 150 l$.
It comes in 5 standard sizes.
You can buy this adorable dress at the Black Fashion Fair  till May, 1st.
And…. you will find this dress in 4 other colors at the next Sneak Peek round. 

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