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Yesterday opened a new round at Sneak Peek. Petit Chat has been following this event from its very first days and not only, this is going on, but also, this event is taking a new shift, with more designers present, and a new building and decor (created by Fuzz Lennie).
On top of this, 6 stores got a vip room and will keep it for 3 consecutive monthes there bringing all along the rounds 6 exclusive items.
So i am super excited to announce you that Petit Chat is one of those 6 brands and I am bringing, to start, 3 exclusive items.

The first one is a short lovely dress, pretty easy to wear at anytime of the day, whatever you have planed to do. It’s the “Sunny dress” and it is available in 4 versions.

Sunny dresses

Each version has a different color and patern and also different color for the bows and ribbons in the front.
They come in 5 standard sizes and are copy. Price is 125 l$ for each version.

You can find them at Sneak Peek for the next 3 rounds (till july, 5th).
Sneak Peek is an event from Penumbra. It runs each month from 25th till 5th.

This pic is edited (4 Trins in one single pic is not possible otherwise lol), but the dresses look same as inworld.

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