Because PinkRayne and myself own InspirationSL event, and because we both love to create artistic photographs, because we both have an eye and a taste for details, we both wanted an immersive shopping event for the fashion lovers who are a bit different than the average because they care details and love arts.

InspirationSL Björk round
Inspiration is that. A decor and a shopping event gathered around a unique inspiration for each round. This time our muse is Björk. And what a great inspiration indeed !
I dont know you, but everytime i think Björk, i think bubbles !!! 
Bubbles everywhere ! Tons of bubbles ! Bubbles of every colors ! 
So i went all bubbles and created the decor with bubbles…bubbles….bubbles …. and bubbles…

Of course, as usually i wanted designers stands match perfectly with the decor so i needed bubbles again… Hard to find that on the Marketplace… So i dived into my Blender software and made designers stands with …… Bubbles…..I must thank them here because setting up in so much bizarre stands was quite challenging. But they have been all super creative ! 
For my exclusive, i decided to create original mesh jewellery and had in mind a large collar going over the shoulders and all made of…..bubbles…
But it didnt came as i wanted it… so i gave up… and instead… decided to create a pair of earrings with…. bubbles.
And maybe something inside the bubbles….
Ah yes…. the bubbles of my designers stands !!!
Crystalline earrings @ InspirationSL 
Bubble within bubble !
All those bubbles gave me willing to drink a cup of Champagne ! Cheers !

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