Woot !!! InspirationSL opens a new round today !
Beside the fact that this quartly event belongs to my fantastic PinkRayne friend and to myself, I’m super excited for this round because our inspiration this time is …. Björk !!!
And…. well, i adore this singer, all of her !

Creating my exclusive item has been a total blast !

Crystalline set for InspirationSL event

Crystalline is a set of earrings and necklace all inspired from the decor i created for the event which is, of course, all inspired itself by Björk, or at least what she inspires to me. And well… It’s a lot about bubbles !

You may buy the earrings and necklace separately or together.
You may test the color huds at my stand at the event.

Collar : 140 l$
Necklace : 125 l$
Full set : 225 l$

All is 100 % original mesh and texture.
Jewells copy and mod. Huds copy only

Your taxi driver is waiting for you HERE

Also read here the fantastic blog post made my adorable PinkRayne


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