Coucou !

Yesterday opened a new round of Sneak Peek and it’s always a big delight for me to create exclusive item for this event !
This month my exclusivity is a beautiful and classy silk dress called “Lose yourself !” 
Lose yourself outfit 
For this item I used my artwork called : “The only person standing in your way is you. It’s time to let her go. Lose yourself.” that you may see in my flikr and also in my inworld artgallery .

The materials on the dress are silk, so it won’t shine like if it was leather or vinyl, but still it will reflect some of the raylight and will give the fabric a really smooth appearance.
Lose yourself dress
As accessories, you will find in the pack a leather bag. It comes with and without pose. The pose is for you wear the bag on your shoulder. 
You will also find a superb watch. By a simple click on it you may set your rl timezone and then get your RL time with it.
Both, the bag and the watch are resizable with a script.
Lose yourself bag and watch (details)
The whole outfit is a beautiful piece of elegance but with simplicity. The perfect parisian chic !
For this post I went to Crystal Garden Estates and as you may see by yourself, this place worth the visit !
Sneak Peek event runs till the 5th of march so hurry up if you dont want to miss what the other designers have brought too !
And of course visit also Petit Chat Mainstore at Moumou’s Square (currently hosting an amazing exhibition of photographs from Ermandalee and Lo Coeur all over the garden).
Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come (Fashion for life, Penumbra fashion week spring-summer 2015 and several other great events you wont want to miss !)

And as usually, none of the pics on this post have been edited except croping.

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