Some may think that shorts are to be worn in summer only, but no. With time, they become also a winter piece of clothing. Worn with thick tights under and with a comfy pair of boots and a warm pull-over, they make a pretty trendy outfit to wear during the cold monthes of the year.
Elsa shorty is available in 4 colors (blue, grey, pink and red). It is high waisted, with 2 rows of buttons in the front.
Elsa shorty blue and Vespertine mask blue
2 pockets are in the front and the fabric is cotton denim with some shades of dark.
It comes in 5 standard sizes and its copy.

Elsa shorty grey and Vespertine mask steel
The best thing with this shorty is that it makes you a beautiful outline, no matter you look from face, profile or back. And…. it makes you a superb muscled ass :)).
Elsa shorty pink and Vespertine mask pink
Price of the shorty is only 90 L$ each color.
The second item I am introducing are those lovely feathered metal masks.
Vespertine masks are also available in 4 colors (blue, pink, steel and gold).
Elsa shorty , view from back
Those masks are copy and resizable. As they are not rigged you may positionated them to your wish.
Price is only 75 L$ for each color. 
Elsa shorties and Vespertine masks are available at Petit Chat mainstore.
As decor for these photos I went to City of Harrison. It’s a urban RP sim and really the atmosphere is great.
I haven’t explored it all yet, it’s big, but I enjoyed hanging out there.
You may rent a flat there and make it your home.
As usually for this kind of blog post, my pics are not post processed. I used several Windlight settings and set my graphics to ultra performance. 
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