After this crazy night and a day for resting, the snowmen band and I started to prepare the Christmas evening.
We decorated the living room with garlands and toys and Blue Snowman even did repaint the walls in red and green.
Green snowmen and I went for a long walk in the mount nextdoor and we found holly… A lot of holly.. so we got some and made some lovely bouquet that we put in vases all around the room as we returned home.
Purple snowman made some corsages for me that i will wear at Christmas evening when we will dance.
How cute !

Here are some for you.
He made 2 versions, one with green and red, and one using Petit Chat colors : chocolate and turquoise.

All original mesh and texture and exclusive Christmas 2016
Copy and modify

Enjoy !

So, i am sorry guys, i got no time today for a picture inworld, but i promise ill show the corsages worn in the next post.
For non-group members, we have today a lovely garter with a letter to Santa and candy cane.
Happy holidays !



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