After the crazy night we got all together with Santa and the snowmen band, they all decided to sleep for 20 hours !
Mind you, someone had to clear all the mess from the night, and prepare a good breakfast for when they will wake up…
Of course, as i did this, well, i was myself a bit messy and they got a good laugh when they saw my hair total crazy while i was bringing milk, croissants, café and all…
Not to mention, my make up was …. err…. can we still call this a “make up” at this level ?
And as i was walking by a mirror, i got a super giggle aswell !
So Santa dived one of his hands in his pocket and guess what he found ?
Gorgeous holly hairpins !!! Yep !! For i can make my hair dressed again !

Here are some for you aswell.
Duplicate them, wear them on skull, mouth, chin, or nose (unless the new bento has messed this all lol, i havent tried yet) and adjust them all over your hair. Create your holly style !

All original mesh and texture and exclusive Christmas 2016
Copy and modify

Enjoy !

Also for non group members, we have this adorable Christmas bag. Original mesh aswell.

TAXI to the Petit Chat Christmas tree 


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