Coucou !
Yes, we must say goodbye to the warm days of the summer. Althought the weather is still really warm were i m living, yet we can see signs of the installation of the autumn. And soon, the Nature will offer to our look its symphony of automnal colors.  
I’m living in a region with a lot of vineyards and let me tell you that in autumn, those yards are a firework of green, brown, orange, yellow and red and it’s really beautiful to see.
Early autumn skirt green-pink
I’ve joined the Four season market and its first edition is of course about Autumn.
So i created these lovely ruffled skirts : Early autumn skirts.
They are available in 3 colors : green & pink, grey & red and brown & orange.
Early autumn skirt Green-Pink
The first im showing you above is the green-pink version. The fabric has a slight weave effect giving to it a lot of realism.
As background for this post i chose to go to There is always hope sim , and precisely to the gardenhouse which had the perfect mood for my photoshooting.
Early autumn skirt Grey-Red
The second skirt is green and grey. Those are 2 colors i really like to mix in RL, specially in winter. 
As you can see the shirt is short but enough to hide the parts you dont want to display.

Early autumn in Grey-Red
The colors allow you a lot of combinations for the top you will wear with the skirt.
The price is only 75 l$ for each skirt (coming in 5 sizes from XXL to L and with an alpha layer of course)
Permission is copy.
The last version is the pefect autumnal skirt : Brown and orange !
Early autumn skirt Brown-Orange
In addition to these skirts i created also a set of bracelets in gatcha version only.
Several leather lashes surrounded by autumnal flowers. 5 common versions : 1 flower color only, 3 rares : 2 flower colors.
35 l$ per play
They come with right and left arm version in the pack.
Permissions are mod/copy and they are also resizable via a script.
Do not forget to visit the Four season market, there are a lot of other creators there !
All pics from this post are cropped raw photographs.
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