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Yes we had to say goodbye to summer not long ago. Autumn is here sharing all its beautiful warm colors. And soon Halloween will be here. I know… it’s scary but if you lock well your doors and hide under your blanket, there is no reason for you to be afraid. All will be well….. unless…. unless you dare to get out of your bed and visit Pumpkin Town.
Essences dress Monsters (special edition for Pumpkin Town 2014)
Pumpkin Town is an annual event, driven by 2 crazy girls (Taylor and Chloé from Pot-pourri market) and it last all along the month of october. So this year didnt make exception and the edition 2014 of this crazy town started on the 1rst of october and will scare everyone who will dare to visit it till the 31st of the month.
Essences dress web (special edition for Pumpkin Town 2014)
This is my second participation and I must say, I have already been amazed by the decor of last year but this year Taylor and Chloé have even surpassed what they made in 2013.
All along the month there will be a lot of events (concerts, movies etc… ) and you can have all infos and schedules on their website .

Essences dress skull (special edition for Pumpkin Town 2014)
The place is really huge and it’s pretty scary to hang out there since, on top, visitors seem to be zombies, monsters, skeletons in all kinds.
Yesterday, as I was visiting the market for the opening day, I was quietly having a look at some vendors in a booth and OMG when i turned back toward the entrance, there was a zombie there holding a lantern (probably shopping with the bloody young girl in the shop beside) and this didn’t miss to make me jump on my seat, lol.
Essences dress Skull (special edition Pumpkin Town 2014)
And if you enable the media stream, you will hear screams and weird noises, which will increase your fear.
Maybe you shouldn’t go alone and bring someone to hold your hand.
I am a pumpkin dress red/brown
Pumpkin Town include a section with a market. Of course, items you will find there are all related to Halloween. Petit Chat has a booth there, of course. I couldn’t miss out such event.
For the occasion, i created some exclusive items you will find only at Pumpkin town for the month of october. Then you’ll get a chance to find them in my mainstore till the end of november. I’ll take them down after this till next year.

I am a pumpkin dress brown/red

First, I created 3 special editions of the Essences dress in colors black and orange : Monsters, Skulls and Web. Halloween doesn’t prevent to be elegant and with this dress you still can be. (scroll uper to see the pics)
I am a pumpkin dress green/orange
The second bunch of items I created are those lovely pumpkin dress : I am a pumkin dress. Yes ! You can be a pumpkin too and loose yourself in the decor so monsters wont catch you !
Those dresses are pretty classy too and you can wear them for a party too.
For the pics I chose to wear them with a fantasy look, but you can also wear them with a more classic look, you will look gorgeous anyway.

I am a pumpkin dress Orange/green
They come in 4 versions : green/orange, orange/green, brown/red, red/brown (the first color is the color of the pumpkin itself (bottom) the second is the one of the top)
Innocence outfit

 The third item comes in only 1 version : the Innocence dress. 
Of course, you won’t look really innocent with all this blood over you, but without proof noone will be able to accuse you.
The dress comes with a green apron over it. The pack includes also the bloody tattoes and the knife. 
Innocence outfit
To finish, I also brought the Miss Tick outfit I created for Pumpkin town last year. A beautiful black and red witch outfit, including the collar and the hat.
This one is not mesh.
The fabrics are velvet and lace and you cant miss any spellbound if you wear it.
Miss Tick outfit

Even if Halloween is not already here, you should pay a visit to Pumpkin Town. Days are becoming shorter and why not visiting by early evening ? Then you’ll be scared all the night long 🙂

Taxi for Pumpkin Town is here .
You will find Petit Chat booth in the market section.
I just can say “good luck” to you before you visit the sim. Try to be careful and to come back alive.

All pics from this post are cropped raw photographs.

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