No, i wont talk to you about the insane idea Apocalypse will happen in december 2012. I dont trust this kind of stupidities…. And shame for me if im wrong. Anyway, if this really happen, we wont have time for having any regrets…
The most funny in this rumor is that the only place that will be safe is somewhere just close to where i live lol.
Well, how could Mayas have heard about Bugarach, a small village, lost in the mountain, in the south of France ? So no, thanks… It doesnt make sense at all for me… And even if i live close to this place, i wont go there the 21th of december 2012.
My only contribution to this insane story will be The apocalypse outfit i designed for the Autumn 2012 Petit Chat’s collection. 
The Apocalypse outfit is a a feminine long pants outfit. 
As i know that some of my followers are still using old viewers and they cant see meshes, ive made 2 versions for it. The main part is layers and regular prims : tank, pants and pant cuffs. Then the 2nd version includes a gorgeous mesh blazer.
As usually, textures and layers are my designs. Since i still dont create meshes, i used one for creators i bought on the Market Place. I will come back later on the mesh topic, but first lets focus on the main parts of the outfit.
The tank, is short and display the belly.

The lowcute neckline will raise up your chest curves.
With the tank, you will wear the assorted long pants.
 The pants are short on the calfs. you can, indeed where them with knee boots, but in my opinion, the best way to wear them is with shoes and wearing the lil sculpt pant cuffs on the bottom. They are assorted to the blaser texture, but yet, they look nice with the pants and the tank. They gives the outfit a real point of originality.

 The finish is gave by the lil seams on top and bottom of the cuffs.
The top of the pants is belted, in matching tones with the main texture.

 Then if you are lucky enough for using a 3rd generation viewer, you can also wear this outfit with the Apocalypse blazer, that is textured with the same fabric than the pants cuffs. A precious autumn themed fabric.

The mesh blazer gives even more feminity and elegance to this outfit.
Sleeves cuffs, collar and pocket borders are in a black velvet.
Its my second mesh item, but i doubt you will find another ones soon in my next collection. I still dont create mines and i have to say here that its a real nightmare for me to find good quality mesh templates, at reasonable price and with acceptable terms and conditions. 
Ive been too much desapointed by some items i bought recently for my creations, that i think i will make a break for now regarding mesh items and will come back later, when i will know how to make my owns.
Of course, im not talking about this current mesh blazer, whose quality is great, and i have still some mesh templates in my inventory that i will prob use, but well, i ve decided to stop loosing my money in meshes for now, due to the lot of items i already had to crap.
On top of this, texturing a mesh template is a real brainteaser and well, considering the fact that then, a lot of people wont be able to wear it and even to see it, and adding to this the problem with the sizes…. im not sure, that its worth for now.
As a consummer, i may add that a lot of mesh clothings look, in my opinion, too thick and that im kind of people who is rarely cold in rl and so i never wear pull-over or things like this, i like thin clothes and i dont understand why meshes do look so thick. They often make my avatar really fater than what she is really.  
They also distort textures in some moves and to finish, they dont look flexible at all. So well, they dont have my preference for now, i prefer to wait they know some more improvements before going back to thme. But well, its only my opinion and my choice. 
So back to the Apocalypse outfit !
As i said the blazer add some feminity to this outfit. It gives also some maturity to it.
Here are some close pics from the blazer.


Then here are 2 views from face and back of the all outfit. 

Apocalypse main outfit is 100 L$ (tank, pants and cuffs), the version including the main outfit + the mesh blazer (5 sizes and 1 alpha layer) is 200 L$.
Perms are copy no trans.
You can find both version in Petit Chat Mainstore and in the Market Place aswell : Apocalypse outfit  and Apocalypse’N jacket outfit.
While you are in my mainstore, do not forget also to slap the MM board and to pick up the monthly group gift. they are always items from my main collection !
Enjoy !
Review for this outfit on SL fashion blogs : 

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