Back from holidays :

Yep, everything has to come to an end and well, holidays must too…. So after one great week of holidays in my family’s and friend’s, i’m back home.

<img src="abigail-blog.png" alt="Abigail for blog back from holidays" height="1191" width="2048">

So I’ve been happy to jump in one of my cute and fun Culprit Duckee Bumper and sail along Moumou’s Canal.

It’s a great opportunity to show you 2 of my latest releases :

Abigail headband, that you can find at The Chapter Four event till the end of this month.

And the beautiful Charm Bracelets, to be released tomorrow at the Hidden Chapter (same adress)

Both are hud driven and you may change color on each part separately, which give you loads of possibilities.

Have fun !


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