Christmas Express Train : New release/December 2021

This year, we got our inspiration from genuine wooden toys. I find them so cute and adorable … And so is this little train.

Christmas Express Train :

Our little train is made of separate parts :

  • The locomotive
  • The red wagon
  • The green wagon

This on the purpose to give you the freedom to set the train as you wish.

All you have to do is to rezz as many pieces you need, place them and link the whole thing. By linking everything, you will divide the Land Impact by 2, since each piece is 0,5 Li only.

Of course, this item is a 100 % original and handmade mesh.

Permissions are Copy and Modify.

It is materials enabled.

And …. It’s a hunt prize during the month of December !

Yesssss !

You can have this gorgeous Christmas decor, all new and all 100 % Original Mesh, almost for free during the month of December !

Because it will be our hunt prize for the Frosted Cart Sale we are participating in.

The event gather a shopping market and a hunt running all around in the same sim.

Prizes are all brand new exclusive items and once you find them, you can get them for 2l$ each.

If you want more information on the event, you may read their website HERE

The event usually stands on THIS SIM

And if you want to know what else Petit Chat is bringing to this market, have a look HERE.


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