Autumn Corner : New release / October 2021

Summer gave us good harvests, now it’s time to bring back all those goods given by Mother Nature and prepare our fields for a winter break.

Vineyards gave us a lot of grapes, and so we will need some barrels to stock wine till its maturity.

Autumn Corner set :

Our grape needed barrels done with good wood.

To go with the barrels, we made an old wheel.

And because setting up all those heavy barrels and wheels will probably make you thirsty, we have added a lovely glass of wine, that you will surely enjoy drinking after all the hard work will be done !

Cheers !!!

Land impacts are :

  • Barrel : 4
  • Wheel : 2
  • Glass : 1

So you don’t need a lot of land impact allowance in order to create your own decor with this set !

Of course, this item is a 100 % original and handmade mesh.

Permissions are Copy and Modify.

It is materials enabled.

Group gift along the month of October :

And because we enjoy spoiling our fellow group members, we made this new set an exclusive groupgift during the month of October.

After this month, this set will be available to everyone for buying.

Please, be aware that there is a small one time fee to join Petit Chat group (50 L$), but it worth it !

We have 1 new groupgift every month (exclusive item, or exclusive recolor) and another gift taken from our collection (thus, that one is free for you all along the said month)

Taxi to Autumn Corner Set :

Full info about the October Group gifts HERE


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