Christmas Horse :  : New release/December 2021

These 2 horses are unique items. Both are a donation to the Bay City Alliance’s annual Tree Lighting Festival and Charity Auction.

This year again, the Bay City community is again looking to raise funds at this event for This organization offers online communities, such as the Bay City in SL, an opportunity to help seriously ill children around the globe during their hospital stays with the purchase of games and gaming equipment. Bay City is a silver level sponsor of Child’s Play, having raised over US$3000.00 via the Tree Lighting and Hot Bay City Nights events.

And this year we made 2 swinging horses, and we will keep them in a single unique copy for the auction.

Land impact for each Christmas Horse is : 3 Li.

In addition, they will swing on touch.

It’s a decor only.

There is a green version and a red version.

And lastly, the Annual Tree Lighting Festival and Charity Auction will happen on Sunday 5th of December !

So, do not miss it !

There will be several other items offered for auction from several creators of SL.

Every single L$ donated to the auction will be sent to associations given care to ill children.

Taxi to the event :


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