Pastoral Bathroom Cabinet : New release / November 2021

We did release a new item from our collection, “Pastoral Bathroom”.

After the washstand, now you may also get this gorgeous cabinet and its 4 lovely suitcases.

Pastoral Bathroom Cabinet Set :

You will be able to put your beauty items away with all those drawers. And if it’s not enough, you may put your makeup and hair accessories within those briefcases.

There are 4 patterns to choose from in the pack.

Of course, you may use this cabinet and suitcases elsewhere than in a bathroom !

Play with them and decorate following your own inspiration !

Cabinet is 2 Li, while each suitcase is 1 Li.

It is an original mesh, and permissions are : copy and modify.

And as usually, it is all Material Enabled, for more realism.

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