Hello ! Petit Chat is participating to the Phantastical Phantasm Hunt, running with the I ♥ The Cart event. We created an exclusive prize for this opportinity : the Corky Owl : a lovely object to decorate your home !

This cute lil bird is all made of cork with feet made with pieces of wood.

Corky owl decor poster : owl made of cork and wood
The Corky Owl is our exclusive hunt prize !

Of course, it’s 100 % original mesh. Copy & Modify. Materials enabled. And 1 Li only at the rezzed size. Be aware that resizing the item may increase the land impact.

The hunt is running all along the month of October on the same sim than I ♥ The Cart event TAXI

In order to play the hunt, you will have to roam in a scaring Halloween decor and find flashing red arrows. There are no hints, the arrows are obvious enough for you to find them easily. Each hunt prize is 2 L$ only.

To get there, here is your TAXI.

And more details on the event HERE.

Have fun and good luck with the ghosts, monsters and other creeping creatures you may meet there…. Brrrrrr.


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