Hello ! Sunday 13th of october will be our second participation to the great Secret Sale Sundays Event. Petit Chat will have not only 2 items for 50 L$ instead of their regular price, but one of them will be an inedite item : the Cosy Laundry set.

We had this set ready for a few weeks yet, and The Sercret Sale Sundays is a perfect opportunity to introduce this new decor set !

Cosy Laundry set poster showing all items (washing machine, stool, flasks, shelf, baskets, soap bottle, towells)
The Cosy Laundry Set will be released this sunday !

The Cosy Laundry Set :

With this cute set, you will be able to create a cute laundry corner in your home, your farm, your garage, your basement…. It includes everything you need for that :

— A washing machine (2 Li)

— A wooden stool (1 Li)

— A floor laundry basket (with clothes inside) (3Li)

— A smaller basket (1 Li)

— Folded towels in 3 colors (1 Li each)

— Rolled towels (1 Li)

— 3 Flasks (1 Li each)

— Soap can (2 Li)

— Wooden shelf (1 Li)

Oops.. there are pieces of clothes to be washed in this basket !

And as usually, everything is 100 % original mesh. Also, it is copy, modify and materials enabled. So you may play with every piece and express your creativity !

Finally, the regular price of this whole set will be 270 L$ from monday 1 AM, but, during 24 hours, on Sunday …. you will be able to get it for 50 l$ ONLY thanks to the Secret Sale Sundays Event ! I’m sure you do not want to miss this opportunity !

Each piece comes individually. You can create your own decor !

Initials … Bracelet :

In addition, we will have a second item set to 50 L$ for the event : The Initials Bracelet.

Initials Bracelet poster, showing and arm wearing the bracelet
Add the initials of your choice with the HUD

This cute metallic bracelet comes with a Hud allowing you to change the metal color (8 options) and write initials and symbols (26 letters + 10 symbols).

This jewel is usually sold for 160 l$, but on sunday you will be able to get it for 50 L$ only.

Of course this is item is 100 % original mesh, copy, modify and materials enabled.

All those offers are made possible thanks to the Secret Sale Sundays team who gather every sundays several SL creators together offering items for the unique price of 50L$ for the whole day.

You’ll find a Hud dispenser in the participating stores. Thus you will be able to visit all of them and so, you won’t miss any deal !

Secret Sale Sundays logo

Your taxi for Petit Chat is HERE !

And lastly, you can have a look at the gallery for today here on Secret Sale Sundays Website.

Have a fantastic week-end !


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