Hi everybody !!!

The new Creative Angel hunt “In captivity” started yesterday. Theme is lifestyle, so you will find a lot of sexy gifts.
The first purpose of a hunt is to have fun, so store owners hided their prize in their store and you can find hints to help you to find these gifts. Here’s a link to the hunt blog where you can get the whole list of the stores and the hints : CAH blog and you can see pics of the gifts.
All hunters need a HUD that will allow them to tp from spot to spot, to get the hints and to pick up the gifts. You wont be able to get prizes without the HUD.
Here is the slurl, where you will be able to get the HUD. CAH starting point.
Of course, if you need help while you are hunting, you can join the Creative Angel group and ask in the group chat.
I can’t resist to show you a pic of my prize.

Other prizes pics are displayed on the hunt blog.
Enjoy !
And dont forget to vote on the hunt blog for next hunt themes !


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