Cute balloons :

There was nothing more exciting, as a little girl, than the simple pleasure of a balloon on a string. To watch it bob up and down and be at the mercy of the wind yet tethered to a little hand. Then the sadness of letting go and seeing it escape to the clouds…where all the best balloons lived. Now we get another chance…just don’t let go those Cute balloons  !!!

.Texture change options : 6 for the balloon, 6 for the string, 6 for the flags.
Click the balloon and follow the menus.
Resizer option (same menu)

2 Versions available : Colors & Face. (Each pack includes 3 string shapes in rezz or worn version)
Fatpack available.

Can be worn or rezzed. (Note that the LI will increase as you will make them bigger)
They have a pose that will overide your AO when you wear them.
Make bake up copy before any change.

Materials enabled (see the notecard about the materials)
Perms: Copy and mod.

More pics and infos HERE !


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