Coucou !

Ok, I’m not going to hide it, I’m not really fan of beach time. In fact I hate the contact of the sand on my skin and this one is so dry that the salt in the sea water is not a good time for me. I don’t really like it in SL either. Although i know some beach places so beautiful that i never hesitate to tp there if I’m in the mood.
I’m more a river person. I like swimming in rivers in RL and SL. In RL I’m lucky, i live in a region where we have everything : beach, lochs, rivers and mounts. And we have a great weather. So it’s never a problem.
In SL I’m even more lucky : my public garden has a lovely pond and a river, where I enjoy relaxing while swimming.
So of course, whatever you prefer beach or river, you’ll need a swimwear. Except if you go to a naturist place, but that’s another story.
Petit Chat brings to you 5 new finest bikinis for this summer : they are called Circe. If you don’t remember who is Circe in Homer’s Odissey, you will find a bit of infos in wikipedia .

Circe bikini Blue Waves

The bikini comes in 2 parts (bottom and top) all ruffled and in 5 sizes. There is an optional alpha layer, but mostly you won’t need it.
I’ve created 5 original textures to give you more choice. Upper, you can see the Blue Waves version. It’s a classic design perfect for beach days.
Circe bikini Orange

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve been told it fit perfectly with the mesh body from The Shops (the beta version is still free in their store).

Each version of the bikini comes with copy permission and the price is 80 L$ each. 

Circe bikini Green dots

In addition, and since I’m part of the new round of The Fashion Collective I made a transfert version for a Gatcha machine for this event. Thus if you don’t mind to let the gatcha machine choose for you the color and if you prefer a transfert version, you can go there and get them from the machine at my stall, for 50 l$ only. 

Circe bikini Pink

Now let me tell you some words about the place I chose as background for the pics of this post : Baja Norte
I know I begun this post saying I dislike beaches, rl and sl, and it’s true most part of the time. But Baja Norte is the kind of place that turns what i said in a lie. The architectural choices for the cabins, the setting of the beach itself, the lil deck with the ice cream kiosk, the lighting house… Everything is beautiful there. And trust me, to make me say a beach is beautiful is a big challenge. Succeful challenge for the creators of this place.
I haven’t explored it all yet, but there is a lot of probabilities for you find some artworks made by myself using this place as background soon.
On top, its a peaceful place, noone have been bothering me while I was doing my shooting. 

Circe bikini Red

While I was taking some lessons of flight by this seagull, i thought you also would like to know how this bikini looks from the back. 

Circe bikini Red from the back

Ok, enough said for now ! Have fun this summer on beach or wherever you will go !
If you want to purchase the copy version of the bikinis, you will find them in my mainstore .
If you prefer the transfert version from the gatcha machine, you’ll have to go at the Fashion Collective 
If you want to swim in the river or the pond around of Moumou’s square follow the link to my mainstore and just step outside.
You also might want to read blog posts from other bloggers featuring the bikinis, here are some (I’ll update the links as they will arrive to me) :
Note about the pics of this post : I havent made any modification regarding the lighting in photoshop. You see here the bikinis as they are in SL. However, I used several different Windlight settings for the snapshots, I also made some lil processing regarding the elbows and shoulders. The SL avatar is not always great looking according some poses and I hate to display that, so I made some plastic surgery around elbows and shoulders on some of those pics. Also, I have cropped them. Except that, I haven’t done any other processing. 

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