As I was shooting this picture for telling about the release of my new RAM bracelets, the scene reminded me one of my favorite kid books. It’s an album called “Don’t kiss me !’ from Tullio Corda. I don’t know if it exists in english version.
The story happens in a pond where all the frogs get excited bec the day after princes from all over the world will come and kiss them and they will be instantanelly turn into princesses and will follow their prince in their castle.
The thing is that one of the frogs is not happy at all about that. She certainly doesn’t want to be kissed, because she loves where she lives and she adores catching flies around her pond.
So the D Day arrives and its a big kissing day at the pond. Princes kiss frogs and take them with them, frogs are kissed by princes and transformed into princess and bla bla bla…

The non happy frog make sure to not be kissed and at the end of the day she’s the only frog remaining at the pond…. A bit sad that all her friends left… but well… she’s still able to catch flies so that’s the most important.
Suddendly, she sees a prince… all alone … and looking sad..
She asked him why didnt he kiss a frog and he says, he didnt want.. He loves here,… the pond… living here… and ….
Before he has the time to finish his sentence the frog jumped on him, kissed him, turned him into a frog and finished : “…and catch flies !”
The new frogprince noded…
That was it….
Why on earth, when you are fine somewhere would you want to move elsewhere ?

I am wearing the Glitter set of the new RAM bracelets, exclusive at Marvelous Event November round.

There are 4 sets to choose from : Rubber, Leather, Pastel and Glitter.

Each of them comes with 3 bracelets in different colors.
They are copy and modify and 100 % Original mesh and texture & materials enabled.

Each set is 125 l$.


About the book for kid you may find more infos here and here. (pages are in french).


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