Well, im not going to say a word about USA new president… It’s all over the web… So this blog is not going to add more on the debate (although i could, but well, I’m known for being an utopist, so most of you wouldn’t take me seriously).
So we are going to talk fashion today, hehehehe …
And especially about the basics every woman should own in their dressing.
Like this cute simple dress.

This dress is a must have because you may wear it in about all the opportunities.

You need to get dressed for a romantic dinner ? This dress, with a pair of stilletoes and a classy clutch will do it. Get a jewell in your hair if possible too and your guest will just love you more.
A drink in town with friends ? This dress will be perfect too ! Get a cardigan over your shoulders, in case temperatures turn to cooler. Wear a pair of flatties and a hairband on your head, you are going to have a fun moment with your girls !
A day at office ? With a pair of MarieJanes, and a classy pair of glasses,  this dress will be the perfect clothes to wear for your working day. Get a large bag for all your documents too.
And even…. you are just going out of your shower… do not want to get dressed yet,….but you dont want to roam naked in your home either….
This kind of dress just over your skin… no undies…. just a bit of perfume in your neck… and that’s all… you will feel free all along the day… and desirable…
But shhhhh, that will be your secret….

This adorable dress (in caramel color) is group gift for all along the month of November at Petit Chat Mainstore.


On the pic i am also wearing :

Head : Nicole by Genesis Lab (make up Genesis Lab)
Mesh body : Lara by Maitreya
Hair :Only Shallow by Lamb
Tattoo : Lovely Roses by Carol G
Boots : Kathrine black by AJ
Pose : Fallen 9 by [La Baguette]

Location : Moumou’s Square 


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