Petit Chat is back at the SL Winter Shop & Hop Event (Yay !) and for this special occasion, I did create a cute Old Sled as a Christmas gift for you all !

The Old Sled :

With 4 color options !

This old sled is a perfect detail to add to any winter landscape ! Okay…. I know… I should have repaint it …. but i love this vintage look… I can’t help ,-).

The sled is 3 Li at the rezzed size, and as it is modify, you may make it bigger or smaller according to your wishes. Be aware, the Li will vary as you rescale it.

If you touch and click the sled, you will get a menu giving you 4 color options. Press the button of your choice and voilà !

The Sled is a decor, only, so it’s not animated.

It is copy, modify & materials enabled.

This sled is totally free for everyone during the SL Winter Shop & Hop Event. (Dec 13th- Jan 06th).

It will be on regular sale after that date.

Winter Shop & Hop Event :

This is a recurrent event from Linden Lab. All participating shop have their items discounted and an exclusive gift. So needless to say, you certainly do not want to miss it !

A good advice however. It’s usually really busy in the first days and pretty hard to TP there, and if you did, it’s hard to move even a finger, as the lag is horrible. BUT… if you wait a bit… say after 1 week… you will experience a lagfree shopping or at least you will get less.

The offers wont run away before jan, 6th. They are rezzed there and will stay till the end of the event. So you do not have to run… Take your time,.. and enjoy the fun !

Most of the merchants there are using a selling system that allow to buy for another avatar, so it’s a wonderful place for shopping Christmas gifts while saving a bit of money thanks to the great bargains.

At Petit Chat stand, everything is 50 % OFF during the event !

Happy Holidays to you all !

Taxi :


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