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So let’s go on our tour over the Fashion for Life 2014 sims. And I am so happy and excited to blog about this sim, Perambulate. 
As you could notice yet by reading my other posts about the other sims, Fashion for Life is not only awesome on a shopping point of view… But also, it worth the visit for the decors. Really, don’t miss this opportunity to visit those gorgeous sims before the event closes its doors on the 20th.
They are ALL little gems.
I really enjoy visiting each of them (i am now at my 6th visit for each of them lol) and its a big delight to make photos there.
But, if there is one i had to choose for being my favorite, and this from the very first minute i steped inside, it’s Perambulate.
Firstly, this sim matches perfectly my style. Secondly i like the idea of the skate park, and thirdly, at my first visit, the builder Eclair Martinek has been so friendly that i definitively fell in love with that sim.
When i learnt that we could rent a second store at the FFL. I ran to that sim right away for geting a shop there. And here again, Eclair has been totally helpful !
So indeed, the sim has been designed by Eclair Martinek on the foot-transports and skating theme.
BSD Design Studio and Legal Insanity are the sponsors.
To introduce this sim, i will be wearing :
Hair : Emo-tions Josy in black (bought in Journey)
Gown : Rainbow trip gown from Petit Chat (i wanted something really colored for hanging out among all the green surrounding, so i decided to wear this beautiful gown. Available in each of my 2 stores in FFL in Journey and here in Perambulate. 75 % of the price is given to American Cancer Society)
In addition, i came back to Amble at Purple Moon store and bought this lovely set of jewellery (im not wearing the earrings but you can see the necklace and the bracelets ) : :: PM :: Frozen Dew Set in Noir
100 % of the price is going to ACR. So i’ve been dobly happy to purchase.
I will still be using the Tillie photo Hud i bought in Parade sim.
When you land at Perambulate, you arrive at a lovely welcome arrea. From there you have several options. You can cross over the sponsor shops and reach the pathes with the other stores. Or you can right away go and hang out among pathes in the countryside.
We will focus for now on the shops, so we will first cross over Legal Insanity store just behind us.
Before steping in Legal Insanity shop, i took a moment for saying hi to some squirrels at the entrance and play a bit with this photo hud for showing more closely the gorgeous set of jewellery from Purple Moon.
After you cross over Legal Insanity store, you will find a lovely green path, all surrounded by cute lil house/stores. 
Legal Insanity : female fashion
Hollywood : shoes
Coco : female fashion and shoes
Eclectica : jewellery and shoes.
You will reach a long curve surrounded by a lovely park.
After the curve, the path will go on with some shops and a lovely pond at the other side.
There you will be able to visit the following stores : 
Center Ville : female fashion, shoes and skin/shapes
Aris Aris : female fashion
A*S : shoes and female fashion
 At the end of this path, if you keep following it, you will reach Meander sim.
If you want to visit the other side of Perambulate, you have to turn on your right side and walk on the little bridge over the pond.  It will lead you toward the welcome arrea.
We will still leave the countryside path on our side and we will cross over BSD Design Studio store where you can find tons of shoes !
Right beside the store,  another path will lead you till some other shops :
Redux! : shoes, hair, female and male fashion
Rapture : female fashion
Senzafine : female fashion
Stars ! : jewellery
Vlintuition : female fashion
look who’s there …..
Petit Chat : female fashion (yep, that’s my store !)
I’ve stopped by Stars ! and bought a lovely jewellery set i will display in the next post. It is an exclusive item and the vendors gives 100 % of the proceeds to ACR.
The end of the path will lead you to Excursion sim.
But the visit is not done already !
Let’s step back a bit till BSD store.
Leaving the path before reaching the shop, I’m going to turn on my right side toward the walking trail.
There, you will have to walk into a tunnel to reach the other side, close to the welcome area.
This is where i fell in love with that sim !
If we walk on the path going between the 2 sponsor stores, we arrive to the Gatcha area. And going along this one from its left side, here is the surprise !
A skate park !
You can find roller skates all over the sim in goodies boxes on the ground (free) and the Passport game souvenir of this sim is a skate board.
Enjoy !!!
Eclair did an amazing job ! 
I hope this post will make you run there asap. Really it worth the visit !
Your taxi for Perambulate.
Check also the previous post about 5 of the other FFL sims.
We will go on the visit ASAP.
For now its time for me to go in bed.
Do not forget that your shopping at FFL helps a great cause. ALL the vendors there are set up to give at least 15 % of the price to ACS and its often a bigger percentage.
There are also donation boxes all over the sims. So please make a donation if you can.
Stay tuned for more explorations over the FFL sims.
All photos of this post are raw shots, taken using the Tillie photohud (amazing tool, isn’t it ? Im totally in love with it !)

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