Coucou !

Back to our visit to Fashion For life 2014. This time we will going to explore the Promenade sim.
This one is a futuristic decor from Rathmeous Dagger. A huge spacestation !
Sponsors are FBD fashion and ZOZ.
For this visit, i’m going to wear some of the items i found at the event :
Dress : ***Arisaris : Other Epochs Black (in Perambulate)
Jewellery : Lizzie set in black from Stars ! (in Perambulate)
and i will be still using for some of the pics you will see here, the amazing Photo Hud from Tillie.
After you will land on the sim, you can walk on your right side or on your left side. We will choose the latter for now.
Here the stores are :
Rams Wear : female fashion
Positure : poses and props
Nya’s shop : female fashion
Moolala : female fashion
Lacuna : female fashion and shoes
Mina : hair
I couldn’t resist to this lovely set of poses Miss Maci at Positure store. 100 % to the ACS.
And also i bought the Femke hair in black at Mina store. It’s an exclusivity for FFL and the vendor gives 25 % to the ACS. (Those hair are materials enabled and i can’t wait to see how they look !)
I will use these items in my next post.

Following the curve you will reach the FBD fashion store (female fashion) and then find one of the entrance. Outside there is a bridge leading to Amble sim.
At each entrance and also at the landing point, you can get a combat armor for free (male and female version), a gift from the designer of the sim.

Walking back to the landing point, we will take now the direction on the right side.

I’ve stopped at the security corner to show you this lovely dress more closely.

After this spot you will find a bar for if you want to have a drink, just in front the gatcha station.
I stopped just after at this control booth. Not for hijacking the space station of course, but to show you a bit more closely this lovely jewellery set i got in Stars ! store at Perambulate.

Just after this spot you can visit the second store of Rainbow’s custom jewellery.

Right in front this shop, you can visit the spacecraft terminal. Mind you its already my 6th visit and im noticing i’ve missed some doors there lol.
One let you go to some controls rooms.

In the upper floor there is another room in the same style.
While i was just leaving the spacecraft terminal, i noticed in front a spot called transporter.
I found there a teletransporter to go to the tower.

I know im not dressed for a spatial exploration, but i couldnt resist to the temptation. After all, my name is Trinity… Neo must be in the surounding to protect me if needed.

I havent been disapointed by my visit. The view to the outside or even from the outside is somptuous !

Inside, the machines looked a bit complex, so i swear i havent touched them.

I came back all safe to the shop area thanks to the teletransporter.
Then i walked in the path in front of me, where i could visit :

Krystal fine jewellery : jewellery
Katink : poses
Free bird : female fashion and shoes
Jumo : female fashion, jewellery, skins and make up, shoes.
Crie Style : eye wear

And, after the curve,
Zoz : shoes and nails.

I couldn’t resist to do some purchases in this path.
I got a beautiful set of jewellery at Krystal (In the garden set – 50 % to ACS) and a set of eyes shadows at Jumo (Leona eyeshadows- 25 % to American Cancer Society).

It’s time for me to go back home and unpack all this new purchases !
I will show them in my next post (about Trek).

For now, here is your taxi for Promenade.

Don’t forget, there are donnation kiosks all over the FFL Sims, so even if you haven’t found something you’d like to purchase you still can make a donnation too.

Hope you will enjoy the visit !

(pictures of this post are raw shots.)


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