Coucou again my friends !

For our 8th visit at Fashion For Life we will visit the Trek sim.
This one is designed on the mechanised flight by Troy Vogel. 
Sponsors are Azul and Essenz.
For this post i chose to wear the following items coming from my shopping in Promenade sim : 
Make up : Jumo Leona eyeshadows (in acqua)
Hair : Mina Femke (in black) … and yes… materials enabled !!!
I decided to keep the gorgeous jewellery set i got from Krystal for another post, because it will match perfectly with my red exclusive item i created for FFL (Circus dress)
In addition, i ran to Perambulate sim, to go to BSD shoes store.
I got from them a stunning pair of stilettos : Love-raw1 in black. (100 % of the price is given to the American Cancer Society! )
I will wear one of my 2 exclusive items for FFL : the Like a dream dress, that comes with assorted jewellery.
The dress has been created from my artwork “Like a dream”, currently displayed in my artgallery and the it’s materials enabled (jewellery aswell). So no doubt im going to enjoy playing with this feature on the dress and the hair ! You can find the outfit in my 2 stores at FFL, Petit Chat in Perambulate and Petit Chat in Journey. Vendors will give 75 % of your purchase to the ACS.
Im still going to use the Tillie PhotoHud i got from Tillie in Parade. And in addition, i will use also the poses from the Miss Maci set, i got in Positure shop at Promenade. 
So let’s start our visit !
We land in the middle of a runway.
While facing the redemption center, we will follow on our right hand.

The first warehouse we meet is Hopscotch store (shoes, poses and props)

I decided to purchase one of the 2 exclusive items of this shop. A pack of poses “They call me the wanderer”. 100 % of the price is sent to the American Cancer Society.

From there we take the road lined by an air terminal on one side and warehouses on the other side.

You will find there the following shops :

Wild Serenity : female fashion
Pixel passion : female fashion
Designs by Sebastian : jewellery
Sysy’s : shoes and female fashion
Sundaara designs : female fashion
Poseway : poses

The street ends where Journey sim starts.

I bought a super set of poses in Poseway : Camilla set (50 % to the American Cancer Society)
and i stoped by the Gatcha room (in the middle of the air terminal) and tried my luck for some shoes from BSD, i got the Beautiful life/black Cherry. (15% to the ACS). Of course i will show them in one of my following posts.

Right in front the gatcha room, a path will lead you to Essenz store (shoes).

After crossing over Essenz store, you will reach another plane area.
In front stands Azul shop (female fashion).
Behind you will find another road, with another air terminal and some other warehouses.

In the middle of the air terminal you will find the Time Cafe, for if you want to rest a bit.
I took this opportunity to sit a bit and show you from close the eyeshadows from Jumo.

Before leaving the cafe, let’s take also a closer look at the gorgeous shoes from BSD :

They make a perfect addition to my “Like a dream” dress !

The shops surrounding the cafe are :

Energie Footwear : shoes and boots
Frogstar : jewellery and accessories
Ghee : female fashion and shoes
Fission : female fashion
Deluxe Bodyfactory : skins, shapes and appliers.
Flair : nails

Of course, i couldn’t resist to this beautiful pair of thigh boots i saw at Energie Footwear store. 25% is going to the American Cancer Society. The pack is called : Energie plenium boots black.
I will show them in a following post.

It’s time for me to go to bed.
I hope this post will give you big willings to visit the Trek sim.
Here is your taxi for FFL Trek !

Do not forget that Fashion for Life is a fundraiser for American Cancer Society. Each vendor gives at least 15 % of the price to ACS and often more, till 100 %.
So enjoy your shoping there, it’s for a good cause !

Stay tuned, we still have 2 other sims to visit at FFL in the following days !

Pictures of this post are raw.


After having talked with Troy Vogel yesterday, after i posted this post, he told me that all the little bears hiding here and there on the sim will stalk him if i dont say a word about them here.
The threat was so serious, that i had to make something to save Troy from an horrible drama with those cheeky bears ‘-).
Of course i saw some of them at my latest visit, but i didnt know we could buy some of them for 0 l$ and bring them to home.
They look adorable :

So be nice with them, if you meet some on the sim, otherwise they risk to revenge on Troy !


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