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In addition to my posts about the 10 sims of Fashion for Life, i wanted to tell you a bit about the Passport game running all over the event.
To join the fun, you need to get a passport at one of the redemption centers. There is one on each sim, at the landing points.
How does this work ?
Once you click the passport game board, you will recieve a passport hud. Be careful, don’t loose it, because you can recieve only one.

Wear it or add it, it’s a HUD, so you will see it on your screen. 
For now this one is empty. Stamps are the default ones. You will need one new stamp for each FFL sims.
So how do you get the stamps ?
Simple ! You have to go to each gatcha stations (one in each FFL sim) and buy the souvenir created by the sim designer.
Each souvenir is 50 L$. 100% of it goes to the American Cancer Society. So on top to get a lovely souvenir, you also make a small donation to the ACS.
(edited pic)
As they are trying to running away from me you can see on the pic the souvenirs are :
Once you have them all. You can wear your passport hud and wear or rezz them. You will see for each souvenir rezzed or worn a new stamp appearing on your passport.
In the end your passport must have the 10 stamps from the 10 sims.
You can now go to one of the redemption centers (there is one on each sim, they are the landing point) and choose here the gift you want to take while still wearing your passport HUD.
Petit Chat made also a prize for this game :
And there are plenty of others ! (in total you can choose among 21 prizes)
So go to get your passport and enjoy the game !!!
Taxis for the FFL sims : 
For the photo i was wearing some of the purchases i made during my visits in FFL sims and i havent shown yet.

Hair : Carlie (tuxedo) from Damsefly (in Wander)
Dress : Mila flowers from Rams (in Promenade)
Shoes : Rosy shoes from Spyralle (in Wander)
Jewellery : Louiza earrings, bracelets and necklace from Vintage Jewells (in Voyage)

The pose is from the Butterflies set from Uncertain Smile (in Wander)

Happy shopping !


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