Festival Bar : our new release !

Last year, we started our “Festival collection” with a few great items for your outdoor decors.

Since summer is back, it’s time to make some addition to this awesome set.

So, you may expect some new and lovely things to add to the other existing sets.

And we are starting with this Festival Bar !

Yes ! Because we had already barrels & stools, tables & bench, tapas and wine, and lights, but no bar…. And we had to fix that…. After all, what kind of festival it could be if you can’t go to a bar and order drinks ? No, no, we need a counter, in the same festival style and here we have one !

Festival Bar

This set includes :

  • Bar : 10 li
  • Bar with lights : 11 li (touch the string for light On/Off and touch the bulbs to change their color/6 options)
  • Plate of olives : 1 Li
  • Cans (3 drinks) : 0,5 Li each
  • Crate of cans : 4 Li

This is the perfect set to rez if you open a bar !

Thirsty ? Have a drink !
And don’t worry, there are tons of drinks !

100 % Original Mesh

Copy/Modify/Materials Enabled

EXCLUSIVE ITEM FOR Secret sale this WEEKEND (June 11th-13th)

Price of this item is 189 L$.

BUT, if you get it on its 3 first days of release (June 11-13th) you can get it for 99 L$ only as part of the Secret Sale this weekend.

Taxi : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rayne%20and%20PetitChat/64/83/27


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