Surfboards : New release and exclusive groupgift for June !

Because this new summer seems to be in a hurry to arrive. Temperatures are getting hotter and the sun is shining already !

So, let’s get some fun summer times !

Surfboards : 3 versions included in the pack !

The surfboards come with a color menu on touch given 4 options.

You can set who has access to this menu (Owner, Group, Everybody).

3 versions are included.

Decor only :

This one is to be rezed only.

It has the color menu, and will be perfect for all your decor needs.

Worn :

Further, there is a version is to be worn by your avatar. Grab it from your inventory and choose “Wear” or “Add”. The board will attach on your left arm, and will animate your avatar with a holding pose.

And it also has a color menu.

Animated :

In addition, comes the animated version, for you to have fun with !

Once rezed, this surfboard will offer several features :

  • Color menu (just like the other versions)
  • Rotation On/Off on touch. If you rez it on the water, touch the board, and it will start rotating slowly. Perfect for relaxing on the water !
  • 11 single animations. Sit on the board and use the menu to choose your animation.

Each board is 1 Land Impact.

As usually, it is a 100 % Original Mesh. Copy/Modify/Materials Enabled.


And this is our exclusive group gift for the month of June !

This item will be added to our regular collection from July 1st at the price of 169 L$.

But all along of the month of June, the only way to get it is as group gift ! So it’s free for all the Petit Chat group members ! Yay !

So, why wait ?

Get it now ! It’s free 

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