Because February is the month of Valentine’s Day, and because this day is dedicated to gift to others, I made those lovely gift boxes that you will be able to use for your own decor AND to use it to pack your gift to your beloved ones.

Floral Gift Boxes

The Floral Gift Boxes come in 2 patterns, and both have 2 colors, thus it’s 4 styles for this cute box.

They will be a lovely detail added to your home decor, but not only !

First, you can add a nice notecard you wrote (a poem, a letter, whatever you would write to people you love) or a texture you made and add it in the content of the box, along with a “give on touch” script (there are a lot of them in the Marketplace, some are totally free) and invite your guests to touch the box. They will receive your letter or your card (or…both !).

This with the copy/mod version.

But there is more…

The transfer version too !

This month, you will get also the transfer/modify version as group gift.

This second pack includes 8 transferable boxes (2 of each 4 styles).

Those may be used as a package for your gifts.

You may use a “letter” notecard or a “card” texture, as mentioned above. Add them in one of the boxes content. Or even add an item with transfer permission (do NEVER forget to check the permissions of the items you will add in the contents. They have to be at least TRANS). And then gift it to a person you love, you appreciate, you esteem, you cherish, …..

So I thought it is a good idea of group gift for Petit Chat lovers this month 🙂

As usually, both versions are Modify and Materials Enabled

100 % Original mesh

Taxi to Petit Chat : 

Do not forget to wear your Petit Chat group tag while clicking the group gift vendor. It will be sent to your inventory right away.

The stools are displayed next to the group gift area for you to try it !

Enjoy !

All info about our Monthly group gift here : Monthly groupgifts


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